Kris | Pregnant

Can’t even tell you how excited I am for this!

A looooonnnnggg time ago…. or maybe just a few weeks but it seems like forever because she made us keep it a secret….. Kris and Joshua {TRICKED} my whole family!  Just kidding!  But really… they had us go outside and take a picture “for her kids at her new school.”  So we all got together and Joshua took my camera to snap the pictures.  First hint:  Why would she want a picture with the whole family {excluding} her husband..?  Second hint:  She needed  a picture of just us without her or Joshua…Hmmmmm.  Then… 1…….2………. WE’RE PREGNANT!!!!!!


I’m getting a new baby nephew!!!! {Ok, we don’t know FOR SURE if he’s a niece or nephew… but I just know}

A couple of key points….  1. Scarlett’s face never changes  2. Neither does Dad’s {except the last frame}  3. It takes 4 frames for it to sink in for Karah….  Hehe

Oh and I think grandma is just confused the whole time… poor g-ma! ♥

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